The Face of Aromatherapy – My Style

Not to sound like a TV commercial…but I’ve had mild acne for-EV-er. I refuse to give in to the cost, irritation, and potential side effects of prescription medications,  but otherwise have trial-and-errored just about everything else.  This is what works for me – you can give it a try, or not, take it, leave it – as you wish. If you do give it a try, please use the comments to let me know what your experience is. All I ask is that you give it a solid 4-6 weeks before passing judgement. Natural skin care is like good BBQ…it takes a lot of TIME to do it right. Any brand products mentioned are just my fan-girl observations…no paid endorsements or advertising here!

Morning: wipe with soft washcloth and warm water only and wipe dry. Yes, I said water. Can you think of anything less irritating to problem skin? Overkill can cause as much of a problem as the acne itself.

Bedtime: Remove make-up and clean with mild glycerine soap (I use Neutragena, their new “natural” with willowbark is excellent). Tone with a cotton ball dampened with witch hazel…the common, dirt-cheap kind you get in the drugstore. Finish with a few drops of my aromatherapy blend (recipe below)

Weekly or Monthly: clay mask, with kaolin clay, a store brand or plain clay (can order it online) with a few drops of juniper berry oil added to water/clay mix.

Make-up: Mineral powder is my favorite ONLY if it has no borax or borates. I recommend looking for a brand that  contains primarily titanium dioxides and zinc oxides, mica and little else, although I’ve had the best luck with the jojoba base on Jojoba is a good choice since it balances skin oils plus it has a nicer texture than their other formulations in my opinion.

Essential Oil Blend: In 1 oz of grapeseed oil:

10 drops Frankincense oil

8 drops ylang ylang oil

6 drops juniper berry oil

4 drops jojoba oil

Please store all oils carefully to avoid break-down and spoilage: Keep from light, heat and humidity.

The Foundation: A balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber, drinking plenty of plain water instead of sweetened* beverages, getting enough sleep, getting exercise, and reducing stress is the foundation of good health for ANY condition.

*That goes for artificial sweeteners too.

All information contained in this blog and website is for personal enrichment only: It does not diagnose, treat or prevent any disease and can not replace professional medical care.
Use at your own risk.