Feeding body and soul

The Vampire Diet

In holistic health, we say we treat body, mind and spirit as a whole.

If they are whole, and our body can get hungry, doesn’t that mean mind and spirit can get hungry too? What does it feel like to have a hungry mind? My guess is that explains boredom and curiosity. That’s an easy fix with diversion, reading, learning, doing. Without going all Bruce-Springsteen-Hungry-Heart on it, what does a hungry spirit feel like? How do you feed that?

For me, it feels like a craving. It feels like the craving  you can get for a food, like chocolate or caramel or a favorite meal, except it is for something magical, majestic, mystical…or to cozy up to the intuitive side of my brain. That’s an easy fix too, as I see it…a favorite book, a walk outside, looking at a full moon, reading poetry, meditating….doing a tarot reading. The…

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