Hurray PSA

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I have to hand it to them.

The public health folks have been doing a nice job with some of the public service announcements on TV lately. First it was that anti-smoking ad in Pennsylvania with “being healthy is always worth one more try.” It is. And it applies to any healthy lifestyle choice you can name…quitting smoking, eating better, getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise, decreasing stress…anything to be healthier and happier is always worth one more try.

And there was another one recently, by the national department of HHS, about obesity. I forget the exact quote, but the basic message was that you put on weight one pound at a time…and that’s how you prevent it too, one pound at a time.

I would expand that idea one step further…that is how you reverse obesity and overweight…one pound at a time. I don’t know about you, but thinking about losing a huge chunk of weight…the 10-20-30 or more pounds many of us need to reduce…it is utterly discouraging. It’s enough to drive you to the closest donut shop in utter defeat before losing an ounce.

The old Chinese proverb teaches us that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. That is how we make our journey from overweight to healthier, from human to “vampire” so to speak. Fast transformations only happen in the old movies. Even in old vampire lore, there is often a period of time between the death of a person and the so-called vampiric attacks. In modern lore, from “Interview with a Vampire”, to the 1992 version of “Dracula”, to the “Twilight” series, the transformation from human to vampire is over several days. Getting fit and healthy takes time too.

Getting fit and healthy is one pound at a time. Heck, it’s one meal at a time. One less dessert and one skipped between-meal snack at a time. Every little bit counts and every little bit adds up in the long run.

If you think this sounds like I’m giving myself a pep-talk, you are right. If you share an interest in being a little healthier than you are right now, I hope this is a pep-talk for you too.

Hurray for the PSA. We all need a little encouragement during our thousand-mile transformations.